Casino Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

When selecting a casino to play on, you need to ensure a couple of things are in line; the available games, customer support and most importantly the payment methods. You want to ensure every transaction you make will be easy, secure and fast. Let's have a look at some of the Big Dollar casino cashout systems available to players.


E-wallet: Safest Channel

E-wallets are really popular today. Why? The solid reason is that they provide one of the safest methods of payments. Whether you want to deposit or withdraw money online, e-wallets will ensure all transactions are private and fully secured. In addition to this, they make it possible to instantly access all past transactions. Here are some of the common e-wallets:

  • Neteller - For more than a decade Neteller has been serving customers from all over the world and is one of the most preferred Big Dollar casino withdrawal channels.80% of all global gambling payments are processed through Neteller.
  • Skrill - If you want an e-wallet that is diverse and still secure, Skrill is a great choice. It is not only safe to transact using it, but it is also available in more than 40 currencies. Say goodbye to absurd conversion charges.


Debit and Credit Cards

While e-wallets may be a fabulous channel for making your Big Dollar casino payout, they are not the only method. Debit and credit cards are a standard approach to meet all your money related casino affairs.

Whether you have a Mastercard, Visa or Paysafe card, rest assured it will be accepted. Some cards such as Paysafe enable you to make upfront deposits and withdrawals without necessarily disclosing personal information. You can make transactions from your account 100% anonymously.


Bank Transfer

Bank wire transfers are the oldest and classic means of making transactions in a casino. It is the most straightforward and oldest means of relocating money from your account to your casino.

To successfully complete the transfers, you will need details of the gambling site. This should be available on the website, or you could make an inquiry through the customer support team. The next step is to visit your bank's branch, fill in the necessary documents and boom, the money will reflect after the listed number of days.

It is advisable to avoid making any mistakes when listing the SWIFT codes and IBAN/account number details as you could easily send money to the wrong account. While this method might be slow, in terms of processing time, it is 100% secure.


Which is the Best Casino Payout Method?

Well, all the above-listed channels are convenient, secure and easily accessible, but, how does one select the most convenient. The easiest way is to look at what you need. For example, if you want a faster transaction lead time, debit/credit cards and e-wallets are a great option.

If you want to avoid leaving a digital trace of your information, go the old school bank transfer way. Some players use a combination of different payment methods to play it safe, while others simply stick to one way. Let us know which channel you prefer in the comments and any opinions in the comments, we're all ears!